Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities

We tend to think of chemical sensitivities and allergies as conditions that originate from the body itself, and are beyond our control. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the brain controls the body. The body is unable to function without the brain. Every process that takes place in the body – every physical response – originates from the brain. This means that allergic reactions and adverse responses are controlled by the brain, not the body. The body experiences the trigger (the substance or circumstance), the signal is received by the brain, and the brain then prompts the body’s stress response.

What Causes Allergies and Chemical Sensitivity?

The original causes of sensitivity and allergies is the reference held in the subconscious. A stressful or traumatic event (or more than one event) in the past caused the subconscious to make a connection between that particular substance and the immune response. In other words, at some point, the brain made a connection between the allergen and danger. From then on, when the body encounters that particular substance, the brain triggers the immune system, which produces the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

This mind-body connection means that even thinking about the food can result in a physical reaction. The allergic reaction is your body responding to something harmless as if it is dangerous. The symptoms you experience are the result of your immune system trying to combat this danger.

Stress, Trauma and Allergies

There is also a direct link between allergies and chronic stress and trauma. During a traumatic event, the nervous system goes into “fight or flight” response and sometimes has difficulty reverting back to its normal, relaxed state again. This happens if the emotional trauma is not resolved and the suppression of those emotions (whether it be fear, sadness, hurt or anger ) causes the body to constantly release cortisol, which can in turn reduce the immune system’s ability to heal.

If there is an emotional cause then healing the emotions will solve the allergy / sensitivity. Most of my clients have memories of when they received news of a severe emotional trauma while they were eating a certain food then went on to develop an allergy / sensitivity to what they were eating when they heard the news.

The Real Solution

Medication and other ways of treating the symptoms do not change the problem since the original reference is still active in the subconscious; and while the treatment may subdue the symptoms, it doesn’t address the source of the problem. The answer is to change the memories of the trauma and all connections in the brain between the substance and the emergency stress response of the body. Changing the reference in the subconscious that determines the substance is a threat, will result in the subconscious no longer prompting the brain to trigger the immune response in the body. And that will mean no more allergic reaction.

Allergies can be frustrating and inconvenient. They can also be dangerous. It is very important you continue to follow your doctor’s advice while you use FasterEFT.

Using FasterEFT, we can work with the subconscious to find the original reference, and change it.

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