Dealing with Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias, if left unaddressed, can run your life completely. Apart from the limitations they impose on living up to your potential, dreams, goals, and enjoyment, they can also create significant debilitating stress. Whenever you’re feeling fear or anxiety, your body has gone into the fight-freeze-flight emergency state. This is the same state you would enter if you were in danger of being attacked by a predator. Our bodies are designed for survival; and a key part of that design is the fight-freeze-flight state.

What Happens Inside You?
When you go into the state of fear, blood is being pumped away from your organs and to your extremities – for running away or fighting; your digestion and healing are shut down (as they’re not necessary for escaping a predator) and your cells go into protection mode – which means they are not receiving nutrients or multiplying. Now, this is absolutely fine, short-term. We are designed to thrive in a short-term emergency state. However, since the body and brain don’t know the difference between thought and a real physical threat, most of us tend to spend a lot more time in the emergency stress state than is healthy.

What Causes Fears and Phobias?
Naturally, reasonable fear is healthy – feeling fear when you may be in physical danger is reasonable; and you need the fight-or-flight state to help you negotiate and survive those situations. On the other hand, fear of public speaking, intimate relationships, or flying is not reasonable. When your body goes into a state of fear during times when you are not in imminent physical danger, it is suffering damage from being in the fight-or-flight state unnecessarily.

As is the case with all problems, fears and phobias are the result of subconscious programming. The brain has made a connection between the subject of the phobia, and the emergency state of the body. This means that when you encounter that particular situation, object, or experience, your subconscious refers to that connection, then prompts your brain to trigger your organs, to produce the stress chemicals that put the body into the emergency state. And since the prefrontal cortex (where we do our cognitive thinking and reasoning) of the brain shuts down during this state, we are unable to use reason or logic to pull ourselves out of that state.

The Solution
Using FasterEFT, we can change that original connection in the brain between the subject of the fear, and the fight-freeze-flight state. This means that you will still have the awareness, judgement, and natural caution for real danger, but you won’t go into the emergency state unnecessarily. Your prefrontal cortex will remain online – which will give you the presence of mind and ability to reason, use logic, and process information more effectively.

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