Dealing with Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one – whether a person or a pet – can be one of the most devastating experiences; and the effects can last a lifetime, causing a knock-on effect in all areas of life. The emotional state of grief, and the feelings of loss, are degrees of the body’s emergency fight-freeze-flight state; the same chemicals flood the bloodstream, causing stress, and affecting physical and emotional health as well as the function of the brain.

The source of unresolved grief is not the event itself – not the loss itself – but the memories, references or programs held in the subconscious. For many people, there is a belief that letting go of the grief or making peace with the loss means disrespect or that there is no love for the deceased. However, holding on to the circumstances of the loss (or those leading up to the loss), or holding onto guilt, feelings of missing, or regret is not necessary to show respect or love. In fact, we can honour our deceased loved ones far more by letting go of the painful memories and thoughts, and holding onto, instead, the loving ones. Remembering a loved one for their good qualities, their love, and the fun times had together is healthier – not only emotionally and mentally, but physically as well.

Every person (and animal) who enters our lives brings gifts. Some of these gifts feel good (fond memories of love, fun, compassion, humour and connection), and some don’t feel good (bad memories of loss, illness, and death, and feelings of guilt and longing). We get to choose which gifts we open and keep, and which of those gifts we let go of. Working with FasterEFT we can choose to let go of the bad, and honour our loved ones by holding on to those wonderful memories, and the admiration and love we have for those who have left us. Feeling love instead of pain. Isn’t that what we would all want for those we love – even after we’re gone?

The effects of loss aren’t limited to the loss of a loved-one. The loss of a job, a house-move, divorce, break-ups, loss of property or finances, and the loss of good health can all have the same effect. While the circumstances and details may be different, the chemicals pumped into the bloodstream, based on the existing subconscious programming, can be the same – putting the body into the same fight-freeze-flight emergency state as would occur in the event of a death. Changing that programming, using FasterEFT, will change the results – regardless of the event or circumstances.

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