FasterEFT and the Ego

FasterEFT and the Ego

Understanding what the Ego is is very helpful when you’re embarking upon changing the behaviors and responses that get in the way of living the life you want. That said, it’s also important to understand the role that memories play in creating issues and obstacles in our life -I recommend that you read my post How Problems Are Created before deepening your understanding of the Ego.

FasterEFT and the Ego

The term as we tend to think of it today was introduced by Freud in the 1920s, but there are several ways of viewing the Ego. Eckhart Tolle sees the Ego as our erroneous perception of who we are, our personality or an entity that is “an illusory sense of identity”. Deepak Chopra says of the Ego that it is “our self image [which] is not our true self, but the true self that camouflages itself by labels, definitions, evaluations, analysis and judgements.

What FasterEFT puts forth is that the Ego is a concept we’ve created within ourselves so that we have something to blame our problems on. It’s true, we all tend to hold the view of the Ego as something negative. “Sorry, my ego got the best of me”, is something you might find yourself saying to yourself and others. What the Ego actually is though, is a set of programs within us that run automatically. This can be both good and bad. The Ego is what helps us get up to go to work in the morning, cook breakfast, cross the street when the light turns green, and help a crying child. As Robert G. Smith, the creator of FasterEFT puts it, the Ego “wants to keep peace in your life, [its programs] are helping you operate within the world.” Smith notes that “there is no Ego, but there are unconscious programmings”. These individual programs we’re running aren’t always ones that are good for us though.

Blaming the Ego

In the FasterEFT worldview, the Ego is not an entity separate from yourself and it is not your personality -though it is part of our personality. The Ego is neither good or bad and when we blame everything on the Ego, what is actually happening is that we are not taking ownership of our problems. Any time you blame the Ego, you’re simply pointing at an excuse as to why you have problems or why you are behaving poorly.

This is part of one of the most constraining acts us humans engage in: finding something or someone to blame for everything. People blame immigrants, North Korea, feminists,… Even if you’re a spiritual person you can find targets for this blame, such as non-believers or even the Devil himself. People always tend to look for a culprit. And if you are blaming something that’s “other”, external to yourself, how can you ever address it? So, to summarize, this is the cycle that gets in the way of leading a better life:

  1. You create a concept called Ego.
  2. You blame it for bad things and behaviors.
  3. There’s nothing you can do about it (“I’m powerless!”)
  4. Now you have a great excuse to not address your problematic behaviours and responses.

What To Do With The Ego?

What FasterEFT brings to the table is something new. Generally, when people and disciplines discuss the Ego, you will find that they study it, and often can understand and define its mechanics. But these people and systems don’t really ever address how to bring about changes to this “Ego”, how to alter what we know are unconscious programmings managing us. We have to work with systems that can affect change quickly.

FasterEFT recognizes that memories are held in our subconscious and there create these programs that we are constantly running. FasterEFT then allows us to rewrite memories, replacing them with new ones and in doing so modifies the parts of this programming of the subconscious that we want to change. This is similar to shifting your focus onto what is good in life. When you subject yourself, for example, to internet binges of bad news or terrible hatred in comment sections… that impacts you negatively. That’s why it’s important to bring focus on what is good. That’s when life changes for the better. In the words of Robert Smith: Be the gatekeeper of your mind and as you do that your world will start to change. Be in control. Focus on what you want. Let go of of everything you don’t want.”

Think about that: “Let go of everything you don’t want.” That’s exactly what FasterEFT can help you do – and it does so in a fairly short amount of time. Reach out to me and I can help you “let go” of elements of the Ego that are causing you pain or distress and limiting your life.

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