FasterEFT for Trauma and PTSD

The effects of trauma are wider and deeper than most people realise. While some of the effects are obvious in some people, some of the time, the damage and impact on daily life is mostly hidden. There is also a belief that “If I don’t think about it, it’s not there.” However, the truth is that the experience of trauma forms not only memories, but the foundations from which a person is experiencing the world. Regardless of whether the conscious mind is recalling the memory or not, and regardless of how much the conscious mind may reason and use logic to deal with it, the subconscious is using it as a reference. The subconscious is constantly referring to those memories (very often – if not mostly – without the awareness of the conscious mind), then prompting the brain to trigger the organs to produce stress chemicals. These chemicals create feelings of fear, anxiety, terror, depression, and other stress emotional states.

The Effects of Trauma on Everyday Life

In the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study (the largest and best-known research into the effects of childhood trauma) it was found that trauma can form a foundation for a range of apparently unrelated issues experienced throughout later life. Dealing with these issues without addressing the trauma is treating symptoms without addressing the original cause. The symptoms may change, but unless the original trauma is addressed, the symptoms may simply shift to different issues, rather than being fully resolved.

What is PTSD?

PTSD is the result of trauma experienced, and held in the subconscious. You can think of PTSD as the plant of a weed – seen above the ground – and the trauma as the roots. You can treat the PTSD by addressing the symptoms (cutting down the plant), but unless you address the reference for the original traumatic event held in the subconscious (the root of the weed), the problem will most likely continue to reoccur.

How Does FasterEFT Address PTSD and Trauma?

FasterEFT works by changing the way the original event is represented in the subconscious. In other words, it changes the “root”. By changing that information, we are changing the way the subconscious responds. Since the subconscious (along with the rest of the brain and body) doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, it accepts the new information as fact. The subconscious, whose job it is to protect us, is now referring to “facts” and “evidence” that we are safe rather than in danger. It therefore no longer prompts the brain to trigger the organs to produce the stress chemicals for the “fight-freeze-flight” emergency state. This results in a natural and automatic transformation of the symptoms of PTSD.

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