Complimentary Session

My philosophy as a practitioner is to empower individuals to take full control
and responsibility of their own life and not create dependency. My underlying belief is
that each of us is a powerful being with infinite capacity for self-healing.

Lalita Holmes, Neuroplasticity Coach

What to expect from a Free consultation

During this consultation I will explain how the mind works to create the problems that you are experiencing and how Neuroplasticity tools and techniques can support you to resolve them. 

  • You will always be in charge of what you choose to explore and undertake so that there is a sense of safety and security at all times.
  • I am able to use a technique where there is no need for me to know the details of the problem, for that problem to be resolved.
  • You will always be left in a safe and comfortable space prior to the end of the session.
  • You will also learn this technique so that you are able to use it yourself anywhere, anytime to bring you to a place of calm and peace.


  • Kindly give a minimum 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep our session appointment.
  • I offer appointments in person, phone, WhatsApp, Zoom and Messenger.
  • All sessions are confidential.

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