How Problems Are Created

The cause of all of your problems is the same as the cause of all of my problems and everyone else’s problems. This is a universal truth !

Let Me Explain Further

The person you are today is the result of all of your life’s experiences: from the instant you were conceived to the present moment. When you come into this world you’re born into a specific environment. Your caregivers had their own problems and had a specific set of skills and tools to operate with. You picked up those skills, as well as other experiences, and began to develop your own coping skills based on the references that you were exposed to.

Our brain is a filing system that records the details of every memory you have, every piece of information as well as the physiological response at the time of the experience. Your subconscious records that reaction and experience in order to protect you from future danger. This physiological response may include increased blood pressure, muscle tension, anxiety, fearfulness, and other reactions associated with fear or fright.

When we experience a very emotional event, the brain records every detail:

  • What you saw (colours, images, expression on faces)
  • What you heard (the tone of the voice, the slap)
  • Smells and tastes
  • Where we were
  • Who was there
  • The emotions we experienced at the time
  • The sensations in the body

The entire memory of an emotional event (such as an assault, a car accident, or the death of a loved one) is organised, sorted and recorded for future reference. The brain creates these files based on the information it is given, usually through our senses but sometimes through our thoughts. What this means is that simply thinking about the events will produce the same feelings again and again. Because these records are stored in the subconscious, we are not aware of the existence of the majority of them. What does this mean? That we have reactions without even knowing why.

Neuroscientists tell us we operate from the subconscious 95 to 98% of the time. For example, when you meet someone for the first time and immediately feel a sense of fear, or simply dislike them for no apparent reason. This person is likely representing someone from your past who you had a bad experience with. It may be their look, accent or tone of voice that has triggered your subconscious mind to produce the chemicals that lead your body to feel that fear or dislike.

Our view of the world comes from this recorded information, and so does our personality, perceptions, beliefs, habits, programs (“I am not smart”) and patterns (“I am not good enough”). Our current problems are based on what we have experienced and how we internalise it.

Inside of us there is a system that is working perfectly to keep us safe and in alignment with our reality. All of our life experiences, the traumas, losses, hurts, sadness, fears, judgements, and betrayals. Our patterns and programs are recorded in the subconscious mind as memories. What we heard and felt in a specific moment, our thoughts, images, sensations, smells, tastes and emotions… these are all the ways the information is held in the mind.

The mind has the great ability to manifest and produce whatever it needs to keep you in alignment with what you hold inside.

In order to have a problem, you must successfully do something internally to produce it. Once you find the cause of all problems, you will be able to change those problems and transform all areas of your life. And now that you know that the cause of all problems is the database your subconscious holds, how do you get rid of your problems? By changing the records that result in those problems. As a trained Faster EFT practitioner that is what I can help you with.

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