New Website Finally Launched!

Those who know me and have been on this journey with me will know how long I have been working at getting this website completed.

Four different web designers, three copywriters and thousands of dollars later because I had no idea what I was doing and we are finally live.

Entering into this venture with no knowledge or skills at all, it became a huge learning curve for me to say the least. I not only began learning to understand the technology and digital marketing side of things but it has been a huge push towards reaching my own personal growth goals. Who would have thought throughout this process I would have to face some of my worst fears, dismantle self limiting beliefs and rewrite some very unhelpful life long patterns and programs. Thank goodness I work with one of the best tools in the world to help me do that.

I want to thank all the FasterEFT practitioners that helped me get to this point, Robert Smith my mentor who inspires me every day to reach out to those who are suffering, my family and friends for their ongoing love, encouragement and support, Mike Peters Photography (recently deceased) for the beautiful image and Kay Shanley www.breakawaycreative.com.au who designed this beautiful website that I am so proud to share with the world.

Please help me to reach those who are so desperately searching for a solution to their problems by sharing this link.

Lalita Holmes
Stress Release Practitioner / Pain Coach