The Truth About Addiction

Addiction can cause devastating effects on your life. Any behaviour that you are unable to control can cause serious problems. The FasterEFT approach to addiction tells us the reason you have problems in your life, is because of your hurtful past experiences and a lack of emotional coping skills. Just like all of our unconscious behaviours, fears, and compulsions, addictions are the result of the programs we carry in the subconscious. An important key to realize about addiction is that it is physiological not a lack of willpower.

The original records in the subconscious are prompting your brain and body to produce the chemicals that cause the compulsion for the activity. Whether it is shopping, gambling,smoking, internet, prescription medications, alcohol or anything else, it is the emotional pain we are trying to escape from that is the driving force behind of all these behaviours.

While the conscious mind may have good intentions and be determined to take control of our addiction the subconscious has “proof” that the body needs to hold onto it. The conscious mind is no match for the subconscious. In order to make permanent lasting changes, you need to change the subconscious records that are supporting the need for the addiction. The FasterEFT addiction protocol lets you do that.

What Causes Addiction?
In the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study – the largest study of its kind to date – research was focused on the short and long-term impacts of cumulative childhood trauma of over 17,000 people. The goal was to determine whether adverse childhood experiences affected the health and social aspects of the adult, over a lifespan. The findings of the ACE study produced irrefutable evidence that childhood experiences are the most powerful determinants of who we become as adults. In addition to this, the results revealed that when traumatic experiences from childhood are not addressed, they have a significant relationship to the social, mental, and physical health of the adult.

The ACE study found that there was an increase in the risk of addiction in adults who had experienced adverse childhood experiences – based on the amount of trauma. Those with more than one adverse experience in childhood were more likely to develop addiction, with a risk increase of 500% in individuals who had experienced four or more traumatic experiences before the age of 18. An ACE score of 6 increases the risk of becoming an injection drug user by 46 times that of an adult with no childhood trauma.

The results of the ACE study suggest that, rather than a disease, alcoholism and other substance addictions are habitual methods of dealing with emotional and mental pain and suffering. This means that effective and lasting treatment needs to address the original traumatic experiences. Addressing the addictive behaviours alone is treating the symptoms instead of the cause.

“All Addictions are Attempts to Sooth the Pain” – Dr. Maté

Canadian neurology, psychiatry, and addiction specialist, Dr. Gabor Maté explains that emotional pain such as rejection and neglect activates the same part of the brain as physical pain. He points out that drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances are literally pain-killers. The substance is a way to dull emotional pain in the same way pain-killers dull physical pain – by affecting the same part of the brain.

The Solution
Based on new scientific research, including the ACE study and Dr. Maté’s work, the solution to addiction is dealing with adverse childhood experiences – addressing the trauma from childhood. The good news is, unlike traditional therapies in which the individual is required to face their trauma by reliving it, FasterEFT goes deeper – it changes the brain and the effects of the original trauma, by working with the subconscious to change the original data it holds. The knock-on effects are natural and automatic – including losing the addiction. If the effects of the trauma no longer exist in the subconscious, there is no longer a need to dull the pain, since there is no longer any pain to dull!

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